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Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer with 6+ years of expertise in developing, maintaining, and testing back-end services and about 2 years in a different front-end related tasks. Proficient in Python and web development, eagerly embrace modern tools and technologies. Accomplished Collaborative Engineer experienced in methodologies such as Scrum, Agile, and Kanban. Ready to be a part of any team, from smaller cross-functional groups to larger multi-disciplinary teams, ensures effective project execution.

Competencies: Python, REST API Development, SQL, TDD, Web Technologies, Web-scraping(Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium), Containerist (Docker), Reverse engineering (Android apps, Web API)

Open to relocation to Canada, USA, New Zealand, and EU countries for exciting opportunities.



Back-end: Django, Tornado, Flask, Connexion, Telegram API frameworks

Front-end: Vue.js, React, Node.js

Web scraping: Puppeteer, Playwright

Databases and Storages

PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Clickhouse, ELK, Amazon S3, MSSQL

Tests and Code quality

pytest, unit and functional testing

flake8, black, isort, coverage

Open API Specs(Swagger)


Bash, Linux, Docker, NGINX, Git, CI/CD, Graphite

Message queues

Celery, RMQ, Kafka


English Upper-Intermediate(B2)

Russian Native speaker

Employment history


2022 — present

Senior Software Engineer, Integration | Python, Web-scraping, Playwright, Puppeteer

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